What's the time?

Crazy kids antics

Thanks Mackenzie for this!  I love it!

For Owen!
Hope you feel better VERY soon.  Here is a joke to make you feel better. (hope you like it!)

What did the traffic light say to the traffic light?
Don't look I'm changing!

You are an amazing friend and pretty cool.  Totara two really miss you.
From Liberty, Nick and Conor
(We all miss you!

Liberty, Tori and Mackenzie have made this awesome poster four our blog!  Well done girls.

Custom Glitter Text

Do you think it is better to watch your favourite channel on TV or read a book from your favourite series? Ithink it’s better to read a book. I mean, if you just sat there all day watching TV all day your eyes would eventually pop out of your head. Okay, I don’t actually mean POP OUT
But you would feel a little dizzy after a while. With books you could learn spelling as well as enjoy the book. If you go over the same words over and over again it’s boring, but like I said before if you read books you see the same words several times and you can enjoy your book at the same time.
Reasons why TV is BAD for you:
1.  You get headaches.
2.  Some adds or movies have bad language.
3.  You could get eye damage.
4.  If its morning and you’re watching news, when you finish you’ll be tired.

By Alicja Krotofil

The silver unicorn!!!!!

He stood there. Perfectly still, staring at you with his deep blue eyes. Then suddenly he began galloping away as fast as his legs could carry him. His long white tail was just an inch above the ground and his main hung loosely above his knees, while his small black hooves where beating in one rhythm on the ground.
By Alicja krotofil

Have you ever been in an earthquake? I have. It was 3rd of May 2012 and I was at my friend’s house. We were playing hide and seek in the garden and Greer was in.Itwas pretty fun because Greer’s garden was huge and there were like 100 places where you could hide. When suddenly I heard a loud rumbling noise and when I thought it had ended the ground began to shake. I heard Greer’s shrieks coming from around the corner. I began to head towards the door but the walls crumbled down and blocked my way. I WAS TRAPPED!!!! I tried the garden gate but it was locked. It stopped shaking, and after a while Greer’s mum and Greer herself Came down and opened the gate for me. Yes’ it was a real scary earthquake!
By Alicja Krotofil 

Mackenzie,  thanks for sharing your holiday photos with us.  Fiji looks like an amazing place to visit.

Greer, thanks for this.  Being a total Star Wars fan, this was so cool!

Mackenzie, this is the cutest thing I have ever seen!

Thanks Mackenzie for this crazy song!!  I love it!

Mucking around in art! 

Another Animal video from Mrs Tennant

Thanks Greer for this video also!

Classic!  Thanks Cam for this!

Who put the disco in Elmo? Thanks Liberty


 Hey Ryan, thanks for these photos of you Kayaking in the holidays!  They're great!