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Awesome Kid Awards!

Awesome kid award!
This award is given by kids for kids!

What lovely kids we have in this class!  Well done guys!


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Sarah, Sendhil and Caitlin, you are all super stars in our team.  Well done!


Ryan and Harry, you are always helping others out.  Great Job guys!

Conor and Cam, you have been good team members and helpful, well done.

Liberty you show really great leadership and teamwork skills in the classroom.  You deserve your award.

Sam, you deserve your award for always staying on task!  You are awesome.  

Sendhil, you are always so willing to help out with other students or with jobs around the class. 
Logan you are really good class photographer.  You do a great job at keeping the blog going!
Both great team mates.

Great Job Sarah! You are a great helper.

Jack was given this award by Conor

Awesome Kid Award
Thanks Conor for handing out these awards for awesome kids in our class!
Awesome Kid Award
Great work Hine - You are awesome!

Awesome Kid Award  
Thanks Liberty, Tori and Mackenzie for handing these out!


Well done Nick and Peter for being on track with your work.

Thanks Alicja for working hard - From Libbie