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Friday, 9 November 2012


So fun!!! Every Friday we get a tennis lesson! Here are some photos!!!


Wow, great job Harry and Emma! Harry got his for working well in a team and Emma got hers for being a great team member! Well done guys!!!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

Drumming on Tuesday

On Tuesday we had performers come to do some drumming with us.  They had a jembay drum for each of us.  Here is a taste of what we did on Tuesday. 

Snow Blue – By Mackenzie Lane.

Once upon a time a girl named Snow Blue lived in a sunny village with her mother and father. When she was around 7 her father passed away. Her mother got re-married to an evil man. When she was around he only acted good, when she wasn’t he tortured her. Her mother died and no evidence was found. Her step father made her attend to her step-sisters every need. One day she went to explore the forest. She was 17. It smelt fresh. She wore a blue, white and red dress with a red bow on her head. She has pale skin and Brown hair. She is caring, kind and loves animals.

She walked across the beautiful meadows with roses and flowers. Animals followed her. She picked some flowers and put them in a bunch. They smelt like honey. She trotted with the animals joyfully, but had a suspicion she was getting watched. Yet she continued. The animals were enjoying the scenery as Snow Blue did. Then she panicked. Screamed as that feeling was true. Her red bow fell off in fright. She had just realised someone was going for her. 

A man with a bleeding scar, a scruffy beard and a rotton top with pants swoops at Snow Blue with a mighty sword. Snow blue darts in fright. Animals ran/flew in horror. Snow blue tries her best to escape that horrible man. She ran across and through the meadow and squealed with fright. That man wasn’t far behind or slowing down.  She found a cottage up ahead.  Tired of running. She was worried,  scared and sweaty. Slowing down step by step. She looked back and saw the man. ‘Oh no!’, she cried. She used her last ounce of energy and ran to the cottage and  slammed the cottage door. She puffed breathlessly. That man was so furious. He was swiping the tree’s outside as Snow Blue saw sap go carelessly down those tree’s.
The man screamed of rage. ‘I will get you.’, he said.

She froze as the sound of a battle was right outside that door.  Swords were swooping and she heard mad voices. She took a peek outta the window. 7 dwarves were fighting the man off screaming  ‘OFF MY PROPERTY!’ The man outnumbered ran away. The dwarves came in and saw Snow Blue. She got frightened she would get attacked. But no. She got welcomed and and talked to. S he told them what that man had recently done and they were horrified.  She cleaned while they worked.  The dwarves had either blue, green or brown eyes and their t-shirts were purple, pink and blue colours.

One week later… Snow Blue was walking through the meadows again.  She heard a noise and it silently clattered. She saw a prince with a blue outfit, a castle sign which was red. He had a pale face and brown hair. His horse was grey and puffed a lot. It was love at first sight. ‘Hi.’, he said. She bowed in his honour. My name is snow blue and yours?’ ‘Charles.’ After they spent the afternoon together and then they got married. They lived next to the dwarves.  As for the step-father he got captured by the castle guards. They lived happily ever after!!!

The end!!!

Red Riding Hood Remix

Once up on a time there was a wolf  named Little Big Riding Wolf he always wore a red cape. It was a sunny day so Little Big Red Riding Wolf started to walk to his grandfather The Big Bad Wolf.

Little Red Riding Wolf saw a wanted poster that said Red has got out of jail and want to kill  The Big Bad Wolf.

It was almost sun set Little Big Red Riding Wolf meet Steve the butterfly and fell asleep.

Little Big Red Riding Wolf woke up in a crate it rolled around then it stopped. Then an old lady opened the crate and blindfolded him they walked in to a room it had cobwebs and broken glass and smelt like smoke.

The door flew open Steve the butterfly came in with The Big Bad Wolf. The Big Bad Wolf had a walking stick fight with the old lady while Steve the butterfly untied Little Big Red Riding Wolf.

While Big Bad Wolf was fighting the old lady Little Big Red Riding Wolf and Steve the butterfly was sneaking out. Then Big bad wolf ran to a motorbike with two side karts. Then they drove off a black motorbike came out of the building .A few minutes the old lady crashed the police came and identified her it was Red. From that day on people threw rotten fruit at Red and live happily ever after.

By Sam Penny


Wow! Congratulations Robson and Greer! You deserve these!!! Robson got his for trying his best and Greer got hers for working well in a group! Thanks Emily and Sendhil.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Fairplay award winners - Whanau Sports

These are the fairplay winners - congratulations on your fairplay attitude during whanau sports today.