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Friday, 22 June 2012

Our awesome book reviews

Again, I am astonished by the different types of books that come onto the review.  I hope you are enjoying what people have to share.  Thanks for all the wonderful reviews this term.

Some of our awesome photo stories

We have spent the last four weeks writing and sequencing these Maori Legends and putting them onto Photo Story. Please check them out. I hope you enjoy them.
*** They are taking a long time to upload so I may do them in bites over the week.***

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Awesome kid awards

This certificate was giving to Robson for being a good helper from Caitlin
By Liberty

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Marley and Me by Caitlin Lenihan

Dear Journal,
Suddenly I turned the flash light towards the tree to find a white dog figure. “Marley are you ok boy?” I scream running towards the tree. Marley slightly turns his head to gaze at me. Dad puts him in boot of the car I cover him in a blanket and found myself crying into the blanket. We finally get to the vet, I jump out of the boot and dad drops Marley into the vet.

Dear Journal, 
We’re at the vet I’m in the car shaking thinking “is Marley alright” dad could tell I was worried so he took me home. Mum made us all home baked cookies and hot coco. The next morning dad got a phone call. Dad left and when he got back I woke up to find Marley slobbering all over me.

Dear Journal,
“Marley I missed you so much how are you?” I knew he couldn’t talk but I knew by his expression he was more than happy. Me, mum, dad, Teana and Marley went to the doggy beach and for the first time ever dad let him off the leash and of course I had the leash ready. Marley was having a great time, he started turning in circles in knew what this meant “noooo” Teana screamed I hooked him on the leash and ran.  

Dear Journal,
My family ran after us. I saved all the from being band from the doggy beach. I wouldn’t let Marley not go to the beach he loves it there if he’s happy I’m happy. We all live happily ever after. Woof.  

By Caitlin.

Logan's Awesome Story

 Dear Journal, 
I remember it as if it was yesterday.  “Te minus 5…4…3…2…1 launch sequence initiated.” Me and my crew blasted of to search for new life on our new ship the S.S.V Aurora. We searched every planet in the solar system but humanity has already colonised them. “Hey Commander, Checkout these seats their so leathery and comfy”
“Alright James enough bragging steer further out”
“Aye, aye sir.”

Dear Journal,
We ventured further out than we were supposed too and uncovered a massive machine of some sorts. “Fly towards it I want to see what it is”
“Are you crazy? What if we get attacked by it!!!” My lieutenant cam up behind me and gazed towards the machine. “It looks so… old”
“Over there an airlock” We boarded the giant relic as it turned on. The ship shook wildly when we got out “were in James status report”
“All systems online but…OH NO!”
“What is it? James are you there?” Static had broken my intercom and a violent scream broke silence “LT stay behind me and torches on” ‘click’ ‘click’ ‘click’. A third torch came on. “Sergeant Reaves why are you not on the ship for?”
“James said you wouldn’t talk and sent me”
“come on then tell James were alright”

Dear Journal,
We wandered through the dark abyss inside this machine, it seemed unused for years and nothing moved at all as it had been abandoned. “I don’t like this!”
Shush Reaves! Its ok nothing is here” I took a torch and shone it in front. It was scavenged by the looks of it. “Reaves take point”
“Why me?”
“Cause I said, now move!!!”.
This entire place was dark and a little frightening as well.  We finally reached a power and this place became full of light then this place rumbled with fury so we ran like hell to the ship.  It was a pretty far jump but we made it.  Our ship began shaking like mad and we were transported somewhere everyone thought it was time travel but we ended up is some place.  We had found another system and we gazed upon a magnificent space station but we were never seen again by anyone.

The End?
By Logan Magill

Awesome kid awards

This award was giving to Damon for the first time for being a great team leader from caitlin
By liberty