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Friday, 18 May 2012

Book Reviews

Our book reviews are just getting better and better each week.  You should out some of these books that are recommended here.  They sound like great books to read!

Here are some photos of our wonderful class trip to the Kenepuru and Battle Hill stream. It was really great to see sustainability/ Science in action. We couldn't believe our luck with the weather, such a stunning day to go and observe our wildlife.  I won't be happy to see those rats again and it is said to say that we didn't see those ducklings.  :(
Thanks to all the amazing parents who made this day really successful and to Mrs Laird for being our expert for the day.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Creative Writing

Ship story

“AGGHHH, this is the life.” I was sailing through the pacific islands in my luxury line cruiser. I had curly blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes. I was wearing a light blue t-shirt and new balance shorts .I had jandals on my
feet a boiling hot day not a cloud in the sky .    
and a shark toothed necklace around my neck. It was
A boiling hot day not a cloud in the sky. I was sunbathing on the top deck watching some TV with a nice cold bottle of ginger beer “sir, sir come quickly we’ve hit a rock” my servant said “I’ll get my diving gear on an check it out” I said. I sprinted into my room , quickly got my gear on , dived off the boat an saw a rock with a button on it so I pressed and the rock came up to the surface  the top of the rock popped off ,I was amazed to find a drunk old sea captain. I jumped in and the sea captain grabbed his telescope and swung it at my head luckily I dived out of the way and I saw that there was a metal bar on the table so I quickly grabbed it and knocked the captain out. The captain finally woke up after an hour an in that hour I found out a lot about this particular sea captain, I found out that his full name was Captain Mabama Horseshoe and his ancestor was the famous Captain Buck Horseshoe who sailed the horse. Then I felt something behind me was going to attack me    
So I swung around and kicked the captain in the shin and he face planted into the floor “hello Mabama” I sighed “aaahhhggg , it’s a lion no it’s a shark” Mabama screamed “ calm down let me introduce myself, I’m Concon I was diving and I saw a button on this very rock so I pressed the button and saw you” I explained “you’ve got to help me find the treasure that I am searching for” the captain started “ you need to help me get treasure all I know is that it’s some where around this rock” well have you checked under the rock” I said “no” the captain said “well I will go check” so I went to go check and all I found was a gold coin. I went to go give the gold coin and he said “where is the rest?” “I don’t know” I replied.
The end

By Conor Scanell-Houghton

Creative Writing

The world map [A.K.A. SUPER STRUCTURES]

“But mum, I WANT the draw on map!” Josh demanded. “Alright, fine.” Josh’s mum sighed. She took it off the rack and went to the checkout. On the way home in the car, may [Josh’s mum’s name] asked a barrage of questions of what he’s going to do with the map. “What will you draw on it?” May questioned. “A bear? A rabbit? A squirrel?” she started backing into the driveway. As soon as the car stopped, josh bolted into his room with the map and two pens. He shut the door and closed the curtains. He carefully unfolded it… and found a blank piece of A3 paper! He turned over the paper. It read: DRAW YOUR OWN MAP AND IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS!!! “Hmmmmmm……” Josh whispered. “I need to have a home in it.” He thought, scribbling away. “And I like robots and I like dragons so I will own a robotic dragon.” he said. By the end of the day, his map was busting with ideas. When john got up the next day, he didn’t bother with breakfast. He went to go get the map. Apparently, there is a competition of structures where you enter a drawing and if you win your house gets modified into the drawing. Mum is begging me to enter. I enter the competition… 

two weeks later I get a call. “Hello, structure competitor.” The man on the phone said, “You have WON.” he hung up. John was baffled. YES! I WON! ALL MY WORK HAS PAID OFF!!!ALL MY DREAMS WILL COME TRUE!

one week later the construction crew show up. “So, what do you want first, boss?” one of the workers say. “I want spyro, my pet robot dragon first.” I reply. “OK.” The worker said… one hour later all the workers slowly stop working. “SHUTUP AND START WORKING!”  John yells…

one year later, sir john Hilary the third [john] is pure royalty. He goes outside and takes a fly on sir spyro the second……….TO FIJI.               

The end!
By Lauren Rosner

Dear Journal

Dear Journal 
Ah! I screamed I was watching a horror movie but I think I was going to get kicked out. I wonder what it would look like in Egypt in real life. Once the movie had finished I booked a flight to Egypt .I packed everything I would need and got to the airport I had to run because my flight was about to take off. I asked the pilot to stop so he did. I new this would be a long flight.
Dear Journal 
I got off the plane feeling sick .I ran to the toilet and was sick. Did I tell you I don’t like flying? I waited for the bus for 2 hours .It finally came at 3. I got on the bus and decided to read a magazine about Egypt and read that somewhere in the pyramid is a golden torch. If you find it you get it. You had to write in the entree form so I did. When I got there I saw a lot of other people there. Everyone got ready to find it I did to.

Dear Journal 
We all went into the pyramid there were lots of people running everywhere. I packed in my small, little bag a torch, food, water and a spare pair of clothes. I looked all around but know one was here except me. I didn’t no were everyone went. So I kept going into the next room. I was starving so I decided to have lunch on the dark, smooth, wet rock but I didn’t mind. After lunch I set off past the rock. But I couldn’t because the rock was right up against the door.  I saw the button and tried to squeeze though.

Dear Journal 
I managed to throw my plastic water bottle at the button and opened the door. I went into the dark Tomb and took off my bag. I searched all threw my bag and finally found what I was looking for.” My flash light, I said as I pulled it out of my bag. I switched the big red button so I could see. My eyes widened as I saw it. I finally found what I was looking for the golden torch. I started running up and put it in my bag .Then I started to worry about how to get out of the pyramid and back home. So I just went the way I came and managed to get out of the pyramid and back home. I new I was never going back.    

By Sarah Bundy