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Friday, 11 May 2012

Dear Journal

Dear Journal,
Tonight I’m travelling to the centre of the earth.
I’m 100% sure I’ve got everything.
1)         Flashlight
2)        3 of Mum’s giant triple chocolate cookies
3)        6 apples
4)        A rope
5)        1 drink bottle (filled with Ribena)
6)        A hat
7)        Pyjamas
8)        A spear set of underwear (the most important)

That’s all for now so I’m off to bed 6pm sharp to get a good night sleep so I can leave at midnight.
Good night!

Dear Journal,
It’s exactly 11:59pm and I can hear Mum and Dad’s snores. Since we live on a farm I’m lucky enough to have my own dog. He’s a Black Labrador called Sammy and is always lively and longing for adventure.  
Anyway I sprinted of to Sammy’s kennel and saw him there, ears flopped down. We walked in the darkness with my flashlight to guide us up to the hill at the back of the farm.
I had been there before but I saw a hole leading deep down and a dilapidated old shack. I was tempted to go down but Mum called me to dinner.
Anyway Me and Sammy rode down the hole then it started going flat I checked my watch but it said 11.59 still. “Oh well” I thought. But time for lunch, I’ll write more later.

Dear Journal,
Me and Sammy were walking along the tunnel on a narrow path on a cliff face when a lime green ball with legs and arms appeared in front of us like nothing happened. I asked “what are you?” He replied saying “hi I’m Fuzz!” Then he just carried on walking.
Me and Sammy followed until we took a sharp left with a rock wall that look like a field of grass and Butterflies. Sammy tried to catch a butterflies but he just caught rock. “If you’re going to  follow me don’t, just rest here.” “Ok fine then, be that way!” I thought.

Dear Journal, 
After we ate lunch Me and Sammy walked for what seemed hours down a dark earthy tunnel then discovered a fork in the road. A left turn went up to light. The right turn went down to darkness. “I wonder what down there” I told Sammy looking down the dark path. He gave a low growl . “It’s alright” I told him. “Ruff!!” Sammy barked loudly and bounded up the left path. “NO SAMMY!” I yelled. I sprinted after him rushing at the light, top speed. Then WHAM! Into the light I burst and awoke in my tree house with my alarm going off at the time I set it 12.00am.                    “Huh?!?!?”

By Aria Ngarimu

Science Fiction Stories

I hope you enjoy some stories from our writing. 

Science fiction paragraph

Today is the worst day ever. My little brother drew on a picture of a Pied Shag that took me three days to draw and two days to colour in, my little sister threw a tantrum and on the way she knocked my mug into pieces and I fell of my bike and scratched my knee.  I don’t things could get any worse but they did. In the evening a dark shadow covered the whole city and a loud rumbling was heard. At night a quiet knocking was heard on my door. I pulled on my slippers and tiptoed down the stairs, then I opened the door and there in front of me was a monster. “Aaaaagh” I screamed. Shhh it shushed me. “Wh-who are y-you?” I asked “I’m Bomp and I’m from Pinky Spray Planet.” “I’m-m-m Alicja and I’m from Planet Earth.” I replied. Bomp looked at me and said. “I like chewing gum and I’m friendly.” “ Okay” I say in confusion. “ I like Pizza  and I’m creative.” I look at the one metre tall monster. I’m scared I think but I’ll give it a go. “Do you want to come in? I ask
“Okey Dokey” Bomp replies, and we go in.

By Alicja Krotofil 


I looked up in the sky as two suns are rising. A star ship came down my heart was beating so fast the troopers came down on the planet tatooine a shiny black object came down it was my enemy. This planet is scary it’s got a name for how dangerous it is because there’s aliens that have guns.
Any people that live on the planet always get inside before the sun sets.

By Peter Theron

Our latest book reviews!

This week there are a couple of books that look like they are must reads.  Mackenzie, I really liked yours on Bindi's Wildlife Adventures.  Nick, your book seems full of good action.  The book Caitlin reviewed seems like it has a real life theme to it.  Thanks for presenting these reviews for us.

I hope you check out these books some time.

Alex got this for being a great team leader

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lucas got this for being a great team member