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Friday, 23 March 2012

Our amazing book reviews!

Thanks Liberty, Caitlin and Sam.  Not only are your reviews really good but I love the effort you put into the pictures that go with it.  Awesome job!


Row, Row, Row your boat gently down the stream......Captains coming!

Te Reo Maori

Every Friday, we do Te Reo Maori which is learning Maori language. We sing songs and today Mr Smith joined us.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Journal Writing in Totara 2!


Dear Journal,
Yesterday was an unusual day. I went to the Westpac bank to get some money out, when I saw a dairy across the road, so, I ran across the road to get a drink. (By the way, I am an orphan).

Dear Journal,
As I got into the store I saw 2 masked men, they had guns!!! Quick as a flash I kicked one guy and knocked out the other with a round-house kick to the head. I then knocked out the other guy “WOW’ said the clerk that was amazing!! ‘How old are you?’ He asked ‘Ten I replied’
Dear Journal,
Thanks he said ‘no problem’. I called 111 and after the police took the guys, the clerk snuck up behind me and stuck a needle inside my arm-I was being drugged!! When I woke up I found myself in a room with an orange t-shirt, cargo pants, leather boots and  a note saying-‘Go to Office’ (no wonder I was completely naked except my under wear) The strangest thing was that on the t-shirt, was a baby sitting on a globe with a bow and arrow and 1 word- CHERUB..I put on the clothes, un-locked the door and set off trying to find this ‘office’.
Dear Journal,
I walked along the trying to find the office. I looked round and heaps of kids with the same shirt as me only different colours. I asked some people how to get to the office but they kept responding with can’t talk to orange shirt’. (These people have no manners)I took the elevator to level 2 and saw and saw a sign saying ‘office that way’. I followed the sign and saw a door labelled ‘office’. Finally, I said with a groan, as I got into the office. There was a man sitting at a big desk. He had big glasses that sat on bright blue eyes, white hair and in his 60’s.’Hello’ he said softly,’ I am Dr McAfee, and we are a top secret organisation called CHERUB. We want you to join us’ he said. ’OK’ I said carry on.
‘Well’ he said it’s entirely up to you it will be dangerous I can promise you that but it will be a great adventure and we can provide financial support’.’ We are like a MI6 for kids, there is about 300 kids on campus,’ we will also teach you-like school so you can get a decent job when you are older’.’ You can not tell any body about us’. Think about it overnight-if you say ‘yes’, we will see what you can do tomorrow…

THE END or is it…

Journal Writing in Totara 2!

Dear Journal,
I was out one day getting the groceries. Then I walked back to my hotel, because my apartment is on the 21 floor. I took the elevator; I get up to level 3 then the elevator stopped. I wonder why it stopped. It hit me, my groceries were too heavy. I was waiting in the elevator for 2 hours.

Dear Journal,
While I was stuck in the elevator I ate some ice cream that I brought when I done the groceries. Whale I was eating I thought of a way out. Ha-ha, I will climb out the top of the elevator then climb up the ropes. I got started; I jump up and grab the top of the elevator. I pulled my self up then I started climb the ropes. I got to the top; I had to find a way out. I will go out the vents.

Dear Journal,
I crawled through the vents, I ran to see the manager and I said the elevator is stuck can you fix it because my groceries are in there? I have frozens so could you find a way to fix it so I can get my groceries out? ‘O.k.’ said the manager. The manager gets someone to fix it and they get my groceries out in 1 hour.

Dear Journal,
When I got to my apartment I put my frozen into the freezer. Then I went down to see the manager to tell him I am having a party tonight and to come a long and bring the person that fixed the elevator so I can think him please.

By Daman Cutler!

Monday, 19 March 2012


Today in PE, we had to do fitness by
getting into 6 groups. We had to work together in a team to get to the other side of the hall. It was a lot of fun.
By Greer.


In class, we've been doing portraits for art. we've also done our self assessments on our art which will be in our portfolios.
By Logan