What's the time?

Friday, 3 February 2012

Welcome to 2012!

Welcome to our 2012 blog!  I am excited to be the new teacher in Totara 2 for the year!  We have two themes for the year:
1.  Making it count! 2012             and
2.  Giving our best and doing our part - Team work.
The first three days have gone so fast and I have enjoyed meeting your kids.  I hope to have some Art work up on the walls (because I actually have some now!) soon.

We have been researching in the Treaty of Waitangi this week and have been taking notes on what we have learnt.  One cool thing I got out of the study was a saying that went "He iwi tahi tatou" - Together, we are one people.  This tied in beautifully with our themes for the year.  I'm hoping that we will be a great team. Check out the website we used: